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I’m all about buying less, but when there’s things that I do need, I’m always keen to support businesses who are trying to do things better. There’s a world of people and businesses out there doing amazing mahi – but to get you started, here’s a directory of some of my ‘go to’ stores and online suppliers.
I’m not affiliated with any of these guys and don’t receive any compensation – they’re just businesses I’ve dealt with and can personally say deserve a high 5!

My first choice is always to support local – it saves extra transport impact, supports my community and creates connection.
The bloody brilliant news is that the awesome guys from The Rubbish Trip have done all the work for us and created Regional Shopping Guides which cover the whole of NZ. Check them out here.

Food co-ops – join others to buy in bulk online
Goodfor – wholefoods refillery and delivery
Honest Wholefoods Co – wholefood refills and delivery
Ooooby – organic produce delivery
(or search ‘online produce delivery’)
For local milk, meat and produce check out the
regional guides

Figgy and Co – hand batched products and DIY ingredients
Green Goddess – natural products & DIY ingredients
Aoraki Naturals – dish and laundry bars
Be Natural – bulk castille soap
ecostore – bulk packaged cleaning products
The Eco Society
– household goods
Green collective
– designer bags and cloths
CaliWoods - household goods

Smartass and Greencane – plastic free toilet paper
Ethique – beauty products in bar form
Dirty Hippie – all sorts of natural beauty products
Plant & Share – organic skincare
Nature Body – all sorts of natural beauty products
EverKind – love their deodorant
– Razors, blades (and other stuff)
My Cup and Hello Cup – menstrual products
Go Native – skincare ingredients
Back to the wild – my favourite sunscreen
Aleph - simple, sustainable make-up

Nappy Heaven – you guessed it, nappies!
Haaka – breast pumps, maternal products
Needle & Nail – beautiful wooden toys

Hospice Waikato – yep an op shop online!
Everlasting – supporting women’s charities
All the dresses – rent designer clothing


Here’s some of our favourite docos for your viewing pleasure.
These are an awesome way to get a quick overview of some of the big issues, and can be a great way to introduce ideas to others. Just be warned that you can slip into the documentary black hole (I know I did) where it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I reckon it’s great to start by watching one or two and then take a break and focus on what you can do to take action.

A Life on our Planet: Sir David Attenborough explains how you can play an important role in building a better future.
The True Cost:
Brilliant insight into the impact of the fashion industry.
Explores what the future would look like by the year 2040.
An Inconvenient Sequel: 10 years later, Al Gore is back with some mind blowing insight into the climate crisis.
A Plastic Ocean: Explores the fragile state of our oceans and the truths about the consequences of our  lifestyle.
Minimalism: Examines minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists.
The Story of Stuff: A super accessible series of short videos which simply summarise the big issues.
Just Eat it: A fascinating insight into the impact of food waste and food rescue.

Read, Listen & Learn

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, they help me learn while I’m doing other things like driving, exercising or procrastinating. I love the way you can pick and mix topics and skip around depending on what mood you’re in. Below is a list of three of my current favourites to get you started.

If books are more your thing, I've also shared a few great reads to get you started. There's four very different titles to get you thinking and inspired.

How to Save the World Covers a broad range of topics and manages to strike a perfect balance between being informed and being accessible.
Eco Me Eco You A super down to earth chat style podcast.
Sustainababble A lighthearted approach to over 160 different topics!
Doughnut Economics – Kate Raworth
Drawdown – Paul Hawken
Animal Vegetable Miracle  - Barbara Kingsolver
Zero Waste Home - Bea Johnson


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