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Living Lightly Cambridge

A celebration of all things good...

Cambridge is a pretty cool place to live, work and visit - we have so many amazing humans and organisations doing good things by people and the planet .

Join us in Cambridge this Easter for events and initiatives that showcase the good stuff we've got going on. Get amongst lunch in the garden, come and see me on a zero-waste home tour or use the map to explore some of our amazing places and businesses that are doing their bit of good in the world.
We can't wait to see you.

Living Lightly Book Tour

Living Lightly - Save time. Save money. Save the planet.

Join me for an event full of inspiration and tips on how to live a life with less stuff, less waste, and less impact. 

I will share how, as a family of four, we have simplified our life, freed up time and significantly reduced our impact on the planet. The event will cover lots of do-able ideas and practical hacks to help you simplify your life and reduce your impact. You will leave the event inspired and with lots of tools to help you and those around you create change. 
Topics covered include: Food, beauty & fashion, kids, getting around, inspiring others and heaps more!

Dates & Tickets:

26 May:        Tauranga 7pm
16 June:       Cambridge 7pm (details to come)

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