Living with less

Living with Less - Less stuff, less waste and less impact.
I’ll share how as a family of four we have changed our relationship with stuff, freed up time and significantly reduced our waste to one wheelie bin a year. A passionate advocate for keeping it real, I’ll show you how living more sustainably is about making simple changes which don’t have to take any more time or effort.

Dates to come. Get in touch if you’re keen to get me to your area or workplace.

Fundraising tour – who’s in?

I’m hitting the road later in the year to run a series of events talking about mindful consumption – how we can all live with less stuff, less waste and less impact. I’m super passionate about keeping it real and inspiring people to make simple changes with a big impact.

To create a tour with a difference I’m looking to run the events as community fundraisers. If you’re a school or community organisation keen to host me or a council or sponsor keen to support the tour then I’d be stoked to hear from you.
Send me an email and let’s start the conversation.


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