Where it all started

Mainstream Green™ was born out of my own journey to understanding impact, and the ever-growing desire to help others do the same.

Hey, I'm Nic!

After nearly 15 years working in the corporate world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), I got to know far too much about how people behave in the supermarket and how to turn them into the ultimate consumer. 

But then I started on a personal journey to live more sustainably.

It didn't start out this way, but it became a journey where I questioned every aspect of my consumption. Turns out that what and how we consume creates our impact on the world around us - it's our footprint.
The clothes we wear, the food we eat, the electricity we use, the way we get around, the manufacturing that goes into the stuff we buy, the waste we create - what we consume creates our impact. 

I've flipped and reversed almost everything I knew about consumption...

I used to be about understanding shopper behaviour to get us to buy more, I now understand human behaviour to get us to consume less. A passionate advocate for mindful consumption, I started Mainstream Green as a social enterprise to enable people and organisations to to tread more lightly on the planet. 

From my home-base in Cambridge, you'll find me supporting councils, businesses and individuals alike to create behaviour change - the kind that's simple and achievable! 

Whether you’re an individual keen to live a bit simpler, a business wanting to reduce your impact or do something for your employee wellbeing, or a council focused on waste or climate action – I’ve got some great ways for us to work together. Workshops, speaking engagements, online learning, events, business engagement… I've got you covered. 


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