In-person and online engagement for your community

At Mainstream Green we’re all about making waste reduction and climate action easy, normal and feel good. We offer a range of in-person events and online courses to inspire and excite your local community. Everything we do is informed by behaviour change, and we're pretty damn proud of our track record of high-quality delivery and engagement. Read on to see what we offer...

In-person events

An entertaining and professional speaker, Nic from Mainstream Green has delivered keynote conference addresses, employee wellbeing workshops, and taken the stage at TEDx. In her light-hearted and non-judgemental manner, she loves nothing more than connecting human-to-human to excite and empower people to think differently about their impact. She offers a range of different event topics but is also very happy to work together to create tailored events or initiatives. Standard events are 90-120mins long and start at $2,950 exc GST and travel

Online Learning

We've created a range of online courses that can be used in place of in-person events, or as an additional offering. We run our online courses for communities to connect people on a local level. Courses are launched at a fixed time and include a 'live' online launch, a minimum of one live Q&A session, and an interactive and moderated comments forum. Tailored local resources and information are also included in the course where relevant. Our courses are targeted at people at the beginning of their sustainability journey and we recommend they be offered free of charge to residents to make it as easy as possible to get people started on their journey. Course prices range from $2,400-$3,000 exc GST up to 50 participants (Additional participant numbers available, and discounts for running multiple courses)

"Nic is an absolute delight to work with. Her sense of humour, knowledge and passion shines through in all of the work she delivers."

Hamilton City Council


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