Lockdown beauty

If you run out of something during lockdown, or you just want to simplify things from an ingredients and waste perspective – here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Edible beauty:
I love the philosophy of only putting things on my skin that I would eat.
I’m constantly amazed at how you can switch out beauty products for every day pantry ingredients.
It’s also pretty liberating only having to make a trip to the kitchen when you run out of things in the bathroom drawer.

Lockdown is the perfect low-risk opportunity to try things from your pantry in your beauty regime. You don’t need to go anywhere to get started and there’s no risk of running into anyone if things don’t go
according to plan.

Give it a whirl:
Here’s some of my favourite beauty switches.
Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

There’s so many uses for ACV, but one of my faves is to use it on my hair. I dilute 2 tablespoons into
a cup of warm water and use it in place of conditioner. I also spray it on as a leave in detangler on my daughters hair. I’ve read that it’s a great deterrent for head lice too – winning.
Baking soda:
Whenit comes to washing my hair – I’m a big fan of shampoo bars. But if I ever run out I massage a tablespoon of baking soda into wet hair and rinse out. Throw a bit extra round the shower while you’re in there and use it to clean the walls and floor – how’s that for efficient use of time?!?
This has been an absolute freaken game changer in my haircare routine. I dust about half a teaspoon of cornflour onto my roots with an old makeup brush and then comb it through. It acts as a dry shampoo and means I can skip a day or three of washing my hair. If you’re brunette, mix in some cocoa powder.
Cocoa powder:
I use this as my bronzing powder and blusher. I started by mixing some into my existing powder, but now I’m way more hardcore and use it straight. Bonus points for making you smell delicious!
Coconut oil:
This is awesome for dry and cracked heels. I apply generously all over my feet and then put on a pair of socks and leave on for as long as I can – overnight is great if you’re a socks in bed kinda person.
You can also use it as an all over moisturiser and lots of people swear by it – I tend to use almond oil as it’s lighter and better suited to my skin.
When I need a bit of exfoliation I’ll grab some sugar and oil and make up a face/body scrub. Most kinds of sugar will do, it’s just personal preference on how coarse you want it. I use coconut oil, but you can
experiment with what you have – good alternatives are almond oil or even olive oil (although you may smell a bit like a salad).
I roll with 2 parts sugar to 1 part oil, and just make up what I need.

There’s a whole world of other alternatives out there, but I find that focusing on making one small change at a time means there’s way more chance you’ll keep it up.
As always – make sure you do a patch test – safety first people.

One small change.


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