Small videos, big inspiration...

There are a few topics that always seem to come up in conversation - so to save you some time scouring the internet, I've created some short videos to serve up a quick dose of inspiration around each of them! 

Each video is no more than 10mins long (OK one of them might be 11mins..) and I've also included links to my favourite resources.
Have a read below and sign up to whatever takes your fancy!

Gift Giving Simplified

I get it - gift giving can be a tricky thing to navigate especially when you're trying to live a bit lighter on the planet.Here's a quick video with my top 10 ideas to help making gift-giving a bit simpler for you and the planet. It's not a complete guide, just a small dose of inspiration to get you started or a bit of a reminder if you're already all over this sort of thing.I've also put a few of my favourite resources in if you're keen to dive in a bit more!

A Lighter Wardrobe

Clothes serve a heap of practical purposes, but they’re also a huge part of how we express ourselves. Having a more sustainable wardrobe isn’t about compromising this or going without, it’s about some simple shifts in our mindset that can make a really big difference for the planet, but are also a great way to save us money and time. In this short video I take you through 3 big ideas that I’ve found are super helpful to use as a guide when you’re looking to lighten you wardrobe.

Skip A Trip

A few years ago, my new years resolution was to only go food shopping every 6 weeks. I wanted to save time, save money and reduce my food and packaging waste. In the first year alone, wesaved over $4,000, reduced our packaging waste by over 90% and saved over 2 working weeks of time!In this short video I share some of the big ideas that have helped me reduce the amount of times I go to the supermarket. It took a bit of figuring out to get me to 6 weeks (and I go into the full details in my book) but the best place to begin is to start by skipping a trip to the supermarket, which is what this video is all about.

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