Over-achieving baking

One part of giving up the supermarket for me is reducing the amount of packaged food we buy (less waste, better food). Good in theory, but then what do you do with the kids lunchboxes?!?

The time trial
Part of this mission for me is to save time.

I have saved 2.5 hours per week by not going shopping (trust me it adds up when you include: list writing, driving, shopping, packing, unpacking, kid wrangling, the top-up shops…)

I give myself an hour of that time back on a Sunday and go like a Tasmanian Devil in the kitchen.

Baking that overachieves
On top of doing some meal prep, each week I make bulk of something that will freeze.
This week it was supercharged pikelets.
In the interest of efficiency, I expect my baking to mutli-task.
This lot is the Edmonds pikelet recipe plus cooked pumpkin, grated carrot and courgette, two bananas, chia seeds, sesame seeds. and cinnamon.

They may not be pretty, but man they taste awesome and they’re part of your 5+ a day.

Want more variety – take it up a level and get a baking co-op going with friends.


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