Making sustainability easy, normal and feel good.

Let's create a movement where we are mindful of how we consume and the impact we have.

It’s better for our own wellbeing and the planet after all!

We empower people and organisations to make simple changes that have a big impact.
We keep it real and show that making better choices doesn’t have to compromise your lifestyle - in fact, it feels awesome!
We work with individuals, organisations and councils to instigate behaviour change. 


Join us for 10 days of simple changes you can make that won't take you a heap of time or money but will have a big impact!

Want a challenge for your workplace instead? Click Here!

Create Your Ripple Of Change

I used to spend my time utilising shopper behaviour to get people like you to buy more...

Now I use my super powers for good.  

A passionate advocate for mindful consumption, I started Mainstream Green as a social enterprise to enable people and organisations to to tread more lightly on the planet through an in-depth understanding of human behaviour.

A truly professional, engaging speaker who customised every last detail to our objectives.

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