The Pop Up Edible Garden Project

A shared food garden around every corner

Imagine a Cambridge...

Imagine a Cambridge where food grows on every surburban corner.
A town where we connect with each other through the communal growing of produce
A community where seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs are abundant and free for us all to share.

We have a dream...

In 2020 The Pop Up Edible Garden initiative was launched by the Cambridge Community Board. With a vision of supporting community resilience - the project delivered improved access to food, and fostered neighbourly interaction.

The people of Cambridge have supported this project by acting as Guardians of the gardens, attending community planting days, interacting with the gardens and picking the produce. The feedback from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.

The big dream of this project is to see edible vegetables, fruits and herbs and composting made accessible using the abundant green spaces of berms and reserves, and to enhance community connection across our town.

Elise Badger

Elise is an entrepreneur with a background in health and is passionate about the wellbeing of people. She spearheaded the Pop Up Edible Garden Project in her role as an elected member and is excited for the positive outcomes this kind of initiative can create. Elise believes that gardens are key to improving community resilience and connection, and are essential in the efforts to improve our environment.

Nicola Turner

Nic is a behaviour-changer working with businesses, councils and individuals to make sustainability easy, normal and feel good. Founder of the social enterprise Mainstream Green she is also a proud guardian of our first Pop Up Edible Berm Garden and believes that growing our own food can be a game changer when it comes to the wellbeing of people and planet.


We're on the lookout for passionate individuals with a diverse set of skills, mindsets and passions to be part of making this project happen.


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