Easter Ice Eggs

A super cool Easter activity thanks to our friends at
A Little Wild.

Make your own Easter Ice Eggs

Recipe and images courtesy of our friends at A little Wild.
Ice eggs are such a beautiful way to incorporate nature play into the Easter season! They are super simple to create so it's easy to get your kids involved in making their own little icey creations.

1.Forage around in your backyard or streetside for some interesting flowers, leaves and natural textures that will bring a bit of colour to your ice eggs
2. Take some eggs and gently break the very top of one end of each egg so that you have a medium sized opening
3. Empty the contents (save the contents for some baking or cooking!) and gently wash out the inside of the egg with some warm water to remove any remnants of egg white
4. Set the kids up with all of their natural treasures and let them fill their eggs with anything they want
to - they will need to fill them up quite well to make sure you have  enough material to be seen once frozen but leave a bit of room for the water. This step is best done with the eggs nestled in an egg tray to keep them upright and for freezer storage
5. Fill the eggs right to the top with cold water
6. Put the eggs in their tray into the freezer overnight
7. The following day, let your kids gently peel off the egg shells. Sometimes running some warm water over the egg shell first can help to make it easier to peel. Peeling the eggs reveals a beautiful,
colourful, icey treasure that the kids can then incorporate into lots of different play activities!
Here are some examples:
- Ice excavation with some tools, water or salt
- Ice egg smash!
- Imaginary games with dinosaur or fairy ice eggs
- Learning about changes in the state of matter (ice to water to steam)

Head over to A Little Wild for loads more inspiration.


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