Hey Hamilton - want to live lightly?

If you ever find yourself wanting to do a bit more for the planet but
have no idea where to start. If you want to reduce your waste and impact
but feel completely overwhelmed or like you don't have the time, you've
come to the right place!

Living Lightly

Exclusive to Hamilton residents - in this online course, Nicola Turner from Mainstream Green will share practical tips, inspiring stories and time-saving hacks to simplify your life and live a bit lighter on the planet.

  • The course starts on Tuesday 25 June.

  • Modules will be released twice weekly and you work through them at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home! 

  • Each module will take between 30-60mins to complete. 

  • An interactive comments forum means all your questions will be answered.

  • There will also be live Q&As (delivered via Zoom) that you are welcome to join with any questions you may have.

And the best news is.... this course is supported by Hamilton City Council and it's totally FREE for Hamilton residents (numbers are limited).

About the course

Module 1

A bit of perspective to give you some context around the current state of our lifestyle and the impact that it's having.

Module 2

A simple framework to help you curate and navigate your own personal approach to living lightly

Module 3

Hacks, inspiration and tools to help you find simple ways to reduce your household waste.

Module 4

Food is such a big part of who we are and how we live. This module is jammed full of simple ways to lighten our impact and save time and money.

Module 5

How do we break up with the constant quest for more? Tips and hacks to simplify our approach to stuff and shopping...without feeling like we're going without.

Module 6

How we spend and invest our money can be a big part of our impact. This module has the simplest changes with the biggest impact!

Module 7

Transport... learn how to reduce our transport impact while still getting where we need to go in a way that is practical and efficient.

Module 8

Simple ways to reduce our impact and save money with this module focused on energy and water

Module 9

Be inspired with simple ways to support nature and invite it into your own backyard - it's better for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.

Module 10

A module focused on easy to implement approaches and tips for raising eco-conscious children.

Module 11

Tips and insights to inspire those around you to live lightly.


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