New Zealanders want to build back better — to do better by people and the planet. The awesome news is that there are simple changes businesses like yours can make that don’t cost a lot, show you care, and have a real impact.

To help you on your journey, we’ve curated a list of  our favourite organisations that make it easy to make a difference.

Humanitix – Event ticketing
Fresh Desk and Clean Planet - Cleaning services
Thankyou Payroll – Payroll provider
Help Tank and Collaborate – Volunteer opportunities
Junk Run and All Heart – Redirect unwanted items
Loomio – Collaborative decision making software

Contract Manufacturing & Outsourcing
Altus Enterprises and Abilities Group – Auckland
Kilmarnock – Christchurch

Electricity & Transport
Flick Electric and Ecotricity
Mevo and Zilch – Car Sharing

Food waste
Why Waste – serviced worm farms
Kaicycle – food waste collection Wellington
We Compost – food waste collection Auckland

Can Do Catering - Christchurch catering
The Sustainable Food Co - Auckland catering
Eat my lunch – Auckland and Wellington

Tea & Coffee
Charity Tea – Tea supplier
Generosity Coffee and Peoples Coffee - Coffee
Kokako - Coffee supplier, compostable packaging

Dignity – Sanitary products
Smartass and Greencane – Toilet paper
Method Recycling – Recycling & waste bins
The Good Registry – Client & employee gifts
Better Packaging and R3 Pack - Courier packaging
Will & Able and Figgy & Co – Cleaning products
Little Yellow Bird – Uniforms and corporate wear
Liminal – Fair trade apparel
All Heart – Office furniture
Limber – Ergonomic desks

CoGo – Connecting conscious businesses
SBN – Sustainable Business Network
FutureFit – Carbon footprint tracking
Ekos and Carbon Click - Carbon offsetting
Mainstream Green – Inspiring behaviour change

Green Business HQ and Go Well – Sustainability
Envision and Proxima and Think Step – Sustainability Walk Ethical – People
Grow Good Guy and EWWP - Purpose


We don’t have a financial relationship with any of these organisations, we’ve just done our research, and can vouch for them being good humans doing good things.
We hope it helps you, and we hope it helps NZ to build back better — for the benefit of all of us.


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