Easy ways to simplify gift giving

I get it - gift giving can be a tricky thing to navigate especially when you're trying to live a bit lighter on the planet.
Here's a quick video with my top 10 ideas to help making gift-giving a bit simpler for you and the planet. It's not a complete guide, just a small dose of inspiration to get you started or a bit of a reminder if you're already all over this sort of thing.
I've also put a few of my favourite resources down the bottom if you're keen to dive in a bit more!

Further resources

The 5 Love Languages: Do the fun quiz or read the book to find out more about love languages.

The Good Registry: An amazing NZ platform that makes it easy to give the 'gift of giving'.

Shopping Guide: The incredible Zero Waste Regional Shopping Guide from The Rubbish Trip.

Head over to the website and check out my book and heaps of other resources.


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