Easy ways to simplify your wardrobe

Clothes serve a heap of practical purposes, but they’re also a huge part of how we express ourselves. Having a more sustainable wardrobe isn’t about compromising this or going without, it’s about some simple shifts in our mindset that can make a really big difference for the planet, but are also a great way to save us money and time.
In this short video I take you through 3 big ideas that I’ve found are super helpful to use as a guide when you’re looking to lighten you wardrobe.

There's also a few extra resources down the bottom if you're keen to dive in a bit more!
Have fun.

Further resources

Story of Stuff: A short and easy to understand video about microfibres.

The True Cost: An amazingly insightful documentary about the realities of the global fashion industry.

Good On You: Sustainable and Ethical branding ratings.

Designer Wardrobe: A NZ based fashion rental platform.

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