Hop on Hop Off

My kids totally dig their scooters as a way to get around.
We use them heaps for trips to school, around the neighbourhood and into town.  

I’m a big fan of scooting because:
- It’s faster than walking and the kids love it
- If needed I can jump on and ride or throw one scooter over each shoulder and carry them
- They’re easy to hop on and off if the kids want to stop and pick up a stick or check out a butterfly
- They’re super compact and easy to store
- Second-hand scooters are pretty easy to come by and really affordable
- They get us out of the car, get us moving and mean we notice things like this amazing street art from Rachel Kiddie McClure and Pounamu Wharrekawa as part of BOON Hamilton Street Art

And yes I’m fully aware that I look a bit ridiculous on a child-sized scooter, but I’m hoping my sweet moves and the cool murals will distract you.   


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