Hauling croissants

I've fallen in love with riding my bike.
I use it for a lot of my short trips around town, and here's why I'm in to it:
- It's faster than taking the car - yep for real. I'm often passing traffic and I don't have to find a park.
- It's great incidental exercise and my calf definition is 42% better*
- When you're on a bike you're automatically friends with all other cyclists. Even the lycra-clad pelotons will give me a wave when we pass each other (ok when they pass me)
- With a solid basket and some panniers I can haul all sorts of stuff. I once transported 36 croissants without squashing them, and I'm often spotted transporting random things like pot plants.
- A bit of peg or hair tie action means I can even ride wearing a skirt
- I notice street art like these epic murals 

Murals - Pauly B and Tapp Art as part of BOON Hamilton Street Art

I get that there can be a few things to think about when it comes to starting your biking adventure. Please don't hesitate to drop me a message if I can help with anything - where to get panniers, what sort of lock to use, how to hitch up a skirt with a hair tie, how to fit 36 croissants on a bike...


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