Stepping out

There are heaps of short trips I do where I can walk instead of taking the car.
Heading to the shops, taking the kids to school, going to play dates (mine and the kids), going out for dinner...

Things I love about walking:

  • I don’t need any special equipment 
  • Being outside gets me out of my head and means I ‘feel’ the day (it's so damn easy to end up spending too much of my time inside my office, my house, and my car every day)
  • It connects me with people.
    I chat to people I pass, and sometimes people toot at me from their cars (not in a ‘hey-I’m-checking-you-out’ kind of way, but in a ‘hey-I-know-you’ kind of way).
    I reckon being seen walking also helps normalise it for others.
  • Walking with my kids is time together. Sometimes they argue, but most of the time they chat and engage with nature. It's cool.
  • Walking is almost an all-weather endeavour… if it rains, I can carry an umbrella 
  • I notice stuff like the epic murals in the photos.

Walking might not always feel like the easiest choice, but it always feels good.

Murals - Magic Darts and Ripe Mind as part of BOON Hamilton Street Art


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