How I roll

I reckon we all get that driving our cars is a really big deal when it comes to our impact. But there are a heap of barriers that can get in the way when it comes to changing our transport habits.

Using my car less used to feel like a bit of a romantic notion. It felt like sustainable transport was for other people…people who lived in big cities, people with less busy lives, people who felt comfortable in lycra or sneans.

But then I read that nearly a third of all car trips in NZ are short trips under 2km and it blew my mind. So I’ve been on a mission to switch out some of my short car trips for walking, biking, or other forms of ‘active transport’.
It feels good that I’m reducing my impact, but there are some other unexpected good feels that have come along for the ride (see what I did there).

Good feel #1
I notice stuff.
Trees, seasons, people, street art...
Getting out of my car gives me a mindful moment in our busy and hyper-connected world - and my monkey mind welcomes the change.
Rolling with active transport modes meant I started noticing some of the awesome street art around town.. and it inspired me to team up with my photographer friend Sacha to create some sustainable transport content with a difference.

It’s so easy to focus on what’s hard about getting out of our cars, but I’ve decided I’m going to celebrate what’s good about it.

So over the next few blogs I’m going to be sharing what I love about my favourite sustainable transport modes combined with some kickass art.
Even if you don't think you're into hearing about sustainable transport - stay for the artwork, and maybe you'll be surprised.

Mural - Liam Bourton as part of BOON Hamilton Street Art


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