Fending off temptation

There is a trillion-dollar marketing industry convincing us to buy more.
It’s researched, it’s resourced, it’s shrewd, and it knows how to tap into our desires.

When it comes to fashion, I’m pretty hyper-aware of my consumption, but I’m not a robot… I still feel that pang of desire when I see advertising for the latest shiny new trend. I still get tempted by the promise.

So I've learnt to avoid the temptation.
Not in a weird ‘hideaway from everything’ kind of a way… but in a way that helps me to escape the pressure of feeling that I’m a season behind in the cut of my jeans, that the colour of my skirt is ‘off trend’, or that I'm just not quite enough.

I unsubscribe from marketing emails and un-follow social media accounts that are making me feel compelled to buy stuff that I don’t really want or need. I also avoid unconsciously browsing or window shopping unless I’m on a mission to find something.

Cutting off temptation at the source has helped me find the space to be more confident in my own style, to buy less, and be a bit lighter on the planet.


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