It's all in the list

Twice a year, as the weather starts to change, I do a wardrobe audit.
It sounds like a big deal, but it's really not... 

  1. I pull everything out of my drawers and wardrobe and give it the once over - checking if it needs a wash or any repairs.
  2. I play around with outfit combinations including accessories and shoes (there are always so many more options than I think there are going to be).
  3. I create a pile for anything that I'm going to pass on (assuming it's still in good condition). I'll take photos and offer items to friends or I'll sell or donate them.
  4. I make a list on my phone of anything I might need or want for the season.

It's so easy to be tempted to buy more, but I find reconnecting with what I already have is a great way to keep me grounded.
Having a list has also become a secret weapon for avoiding temptation... writing down the things I need (or want) for the season keeps me on track, saves me time, and saves me a heap of money!

Once I have my list, I'll hit my favourite secondhand stores and can normally find most of the things I'm after. I then fill in the blanks by searching for things secondhand online, or try and source local or quality items that are going to last.

P.S I also follow exactly the same approach with my children's clothes.


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