Repair and repeat

I'll always try and fix things to avoid replacing them. Sometimes I'll outsource the fixing, but often I'll give it a whirl myself. I do it for the planet, but I've also realised that it saves me a heap of money and gives me a massive buzz of satisfaction.

Our doormat is 7 years old, and by my calculations has been walked over at least 11,680 times.
It was looking so well-loved that a friend even offered to buy me a new one for my birthday.

Long story short - I instead chose to go out for a drink with my friend and give the doormat a makeover myself.

Doormat makeover:

  • Gave it a clean and trim (we all need this sometimes)
  • Made a stencil out of an old weetbix box
  • Painted the mat with some spare house paint I had in the garage
  • Result - just like new!
  • Time take: 24mins
  • Cost: $0
  • Good feels: Off the charts


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