Compost to go

I'm not sure when the last time was that I threw any food scraps in my rubbish bin - I honestly can't remember.
The more I learn about the impact of food waste, the more I realise what a big deal it is, and the more I intensify my steely resolve to not waste any of it.

I'm frequently bringing home random stashes of food scraps to throw in our compost bin.
I take a smoothie to work for breakfast and the cup comes home packed with banana skins, apple cores, coffee grinds and other assorted compost gold.

And nope, it's not just my scraps... I sat with two other people for lunch today, and they were stoked I offered to take their scraps.

I'm also known for taking a compost container with me on holiday. My friends used to laugh at me, now they complain if I don't get the container on the bench quick enough!  If we're away for a while, I'll store the scraps in the fridge or freezer. If I don't have space to bring the scraps home I hit up the ShareWaste App and see if there's anyone local that can take them.

If you're already composting - double down on your impact by bringing home food scrap stashes or offering to take your neighbours scraps. Not only are you keeping food waste out of landfill, but you'll be influencing others to do the same.

If 'starting a compost' has been on your to-do list for a while - I've written another blog with hacks to help you ease into it.


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