MacGyver Fashion

I don't have a huge wardrobe which means that things have to be multi-purpose.
Here's my regular go-to black jeans and black top combo worn 5 ways in 5 days.

I recently rocked out this line-up, and at the end of the week asked if anyone had noticed...
Turns out nobody had picked up on the rinse and repeat of my base outfit.
Although part of me felt mildly insulted that no one was really paying attention to what I was wearing, I was stoked to know that I could legit get away with it.

I love that having less makes me more creative in how I wear things.
Previously, I would have felt like a top like this was only for work. But when I don't have many tops, it makes me see other possibilities.
Some people get a buzz from constantly wearing different things - I've found I get a buzz from wearing the same thing in different ways.

Give it a whirl and try wearing the same outfit a couple of times in a week, but with a different spin on it.
If you really want to lean into the idea - check out the Project 333 challenge at Be More with Less.
You select 33 items and that's all you wear for 3 months - underwear and activewear excluded - unless you wear yoga pants as daywear in which case they're totally included in your tally.
Let me know how you go!


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