Stick it in a jar

Slow Christmas Experiment #3

Every year I choose a simple gift to make in bulk.
It's always something that I can knock out in an hour or two and it often involves a jar (or a bottle).
Jars because:
#1 I always have a stash of them in the kitchen and it's good to reuse things
#2 It's super easy to make things look awesome.

This year, I rustled up 10 different gifts in jars to show you how easy it is - you're welcome.
All 10 jars are filled with things I foraged from home or that I could source package-free from my local bulk store. I've popped links to various recipes below if you want to dive in.
* yes there are only 9 gifts in the photo but scroll on down and you'll find the bonus one!

If you don't feel like getting your Martha Stewart on, hit up your local bulk store or
refillery and you'll likely find some pre-filled jar options that you can purchase.

For those of you in NZ, check out this awesome Regional Shopping Guide from The Rubbish Trip to find a list of all of the amazing Zero Waste stores in Aotearoa.

Stove-top Potpourri:
Anybody else feeling a wave of 80s nostalgia?!? This approach is a bit of a different take - where you simmer it in water.

Dried edible flowers:
I foraged a range from the garden, spread on trays, and dried in the hot water cupboard. Great for sprinkling on salads, cakes, avo on toast..

Homemade Nutella:
Here is the recipe - enough said.

Everyone knows someone with a lemon tree. Super easy to make and delicious served with soda or on the rocks!

Plant babies:
Take a cutting of a houseplant, leave in water to root, stick a bow on it, and share the love.

Vanilla extract:
Vodka + vanilla beans, it's as simple as that - here's a step-by-step guide.

Infused alcohol:
The options are endless. My favorite so far - crystallised ginger and lime vodka! Check out some inspo here.

Baking mix:
Hit your local bulk store and create your favourite recipe in a jar. Here's the one I made. 

You'll be amazed at the range of treats at your local bulk store or even the supermarket bulk bins. A jar + a bow and you're done!

I know a few people who use store-bought firestarters in their home fireplaces and stumbled on these as a cool alternative.

I skipped adding the wicks and the kids had some broken Honey Stick crayons that I used for colour... I'd avoid using crayons if you don't know the ingredients.
Full disclaimer - I'm yet to try these, but they're cool decorations if nothing else.

Give it a whirl - You'll be amazed at what you can create with a jar and a bit of imagination!
Oh and if you're battling with removing labels from jars - try this.


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