Christmas Zhuzh

Decorations, baubles, seasonal accessorising, festive home fashion...whatever you want to call it, it's totally a thing. A thing where we're surrounded by temptation and can end up buying a whole lot of stuff that we don't really need and only use for a really short amount of time.

When I put my mind (and my Pinterest account) to it, I was amazed at what I could rustle up with things that I already had at home.
But if DIY really isn't your thing - I've got your back...

Air dry clay creations
How cute are these little guys?!?
Turns out it's really simple to make your own air dry clay with simple pantry ingredients.
Cut out some simple shapes and then used my childrens' felt pens to decorate. Just remember to pop holes in the top if you're wanting to thread something through to hang.
Creative inspo courtesy of Pinterest.

Window art

I found out that windows are really hard to photograph, but I hope you get the idea...
I write lots of lists on my windows so had liquid chalk pens on hand, grabbed me some inspo from the interweb and off I went.
I'm no artist, so went for simple sketches and my 5 year old told me they looked good, so I'll take the compliment.

Op Shop
I took a quick trip to my local op shops and my mind was blown by the amount of decorations they had in stock.  In one shop you could fill a bag of decorations for $5!
I got this little haul for $3.50.
Such an easy switch, such a bargain, and I love that buying secondhand keeps things going around.

Look to nature 
Looking to nature is always a great thing to do if you're wanting to zhuzh up the house.
I foraged the wreath that you see in the image up the top. I'd definitely recommend hanging
and drying things first.

Go forth and decorate


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