An explosion of wonder

Not mush room in here....

Turns out mushroom kits are quite the thing.
I tried a few different versions because I didn't back my rookie gardening skills - apparently I didn't need to worry. The problem instead became wondering what to do with the avalanche of mushrooms that grew!

I tried some from Mushroomate - a  high school sustainability project that flourished into a business. I love that they are focused on NZ mushroom varieties and rescue ice cream containers and cafe bulk containers to create their kits.
The other one I tried was from the very funky Good Vibes - which came in a very bench-beautiful cardboard box.
There are heaps of other options out there too!  

  • All of them have a similar approach.
  • They arrive on your doorstep
  • Pop them somewhere out of direct sunlight
  • Spray them with water a couple of times a day 
  • A couple of weeks later - BOOM! So.Many.Mushrooms
  • Rinse and repeat and you get another 'flush' or two a few weeks later

I got a bit  carried away with this benchtop adventure and we ended up with way more than we could eat - so I dried them by throwing them in a low oven. They make an awesome addition to ramens!.

These kits are ridiculously productive, so damn fascinating, and would also make a cool gift for any fungi lovers out there.


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