Boxed Up

Benchtop goodness

Who knew popping things in a wooden box could look so damn good?!?

Salad is something we eat a lot of, and I LOVE having it right on the benchtop ready to go?
I picked up this wooden box at the op shop and knew it was destined for better things on my benchtop.
Of course it doesn't need to be a box... a basket, a bowl, a colourful cooking pot, anything that works with your bench vibe.
I used a couple of cut-off 2L milk bottles and an old 5L plastic container to plant in. I simply cut off the top and popped some holes in the bottom for drainage.
I bought some salad green seedlings,  added some edible flowers and herbs that I already had growing in the garden and voilā - box o' rainbow salad at your fingertips.

I sometimes pop mine out on the deck on a sunny day, but otherwise, it hangs out on the benchtop.

I don't know how you feel about slugs and snails, but if you're like my friend Liz and get
totally freaked out by them, then this idea is a winner!!!

Annnnd how cool would this be as a gift idea???
It cost me a total of $8 for the box and seedlings, but the wow factor is pretty impressive!

So grab yourself some sort of receptacle and get your salad on.


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