Can we fix it?

We can do better than fix it...

Fixing and repairing is a big part of how I keep clothes going and in use.

Having less in my wardrobe, and loving what I own makes it so much easier to look after everything better, and I'll spend the time, effort, and money to get items repaired and altered.

I can do basic clothing repairs myself. But despite my Aunty Wendy investing a LOT of hours in trying to teach me to sew as a child, beyond attaching buttons and fixing small rips and tears, my sewing ability has been sadly lacking.
But then I found my niche...visible mending!
Instead of trying to disguise repairs, you embrace the imperfection and make it a feature.
It can be as simple as a sew-on patch or as intricate as sashiko stitching.
The photo above is of my daughter's repaired shorts.
They got one of those annoying small holes in them. I backed it with a small piece of fabric and instead of trying to match colours and hide the repair, I highlighted it.
Her brother told her it looked like a splat of bird poo, and she thought that was super cool!
I regularly get my visible repairing inspo from the incredible Renee at That Perfect Hour - check her out here.
If fixing and repairing your clothes really isn't your thing - outsource it. Ask around or check out community social media groups to find a local dressmaker/tailor/seamstress/clothes alterer/fixer-upper - you'll be amazed at how they can bring clothes back to life and keep them going.


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