Around and around and around

The more things are used, the less we need - it's science, or maths, or something like that.
I've found it totally works when it comes to clothes. The more we wear things, the less we need to own. And then the magic really starts to happen when we think beyond our own wardrobes... when we think about sharing.
Back in my flatting days, when I lived with a gaggle of friends - it was totally normalised to borrow from each other's wardrobes.
So why not keep that buzz going?
I love it when friends ask if they can borrow something of mine for an event or special occasion - and I'll often hit them up for the same. If reciprocity doesn't feel like it's keeping things balanced, you can always shout them a coffee or some other act of kindness.
Just because you've had enough of wearing something, it doesn't mean your mates won't love it.
We have a girls weekend once a year and everyone will bring clothes to pass on or swap.
It can be as casual as that, or you can take things next level and organise a clothes swap at work or in your local area. 
Renting clothes can be another awesome option when you need something fancy. There are online platforms like www.allthedresses.co.nz and heaps of pages on social media.
There is one catch with renting though - it's best kept local. Transporting clothes long distances in single-use courier bags kinda defeats the purpose.
If you're wanting to find who's renting clothes in your hood, ask on community social media pages.

Go on, give it a whirl. Sharing feels good!


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