I love soup.
And the time has come to share my signature recipe - or maybe it's more correct to call it a 'style' rather than a 'recipe'.

  1. Brown off a quartered onion or two in a tablespoon of coconut oil - Dice it if you prefer, I just can't be bothered
  2. Pour my freezer stash of random vegetables in - This is a big container I keep in my freezer and where I throw old droopy vegetables that we didn’t eat in time, half-eaten carrot sticks out of kids lunch boxes, the roots and shoots that I don’t use when I’m cooking, and any other veggie paraphernalia that I don’t want to waste
  3. If it needs topping up I might add a can or two of tomatoes, some pumpkin or kumara (skin on), or any other leftovers I have in the fridge 
  4. Cover with stock if I have it, or water if I don't
  5. Add a bit of this and a bit of that - always salt, sometimes cumin, smoked paprika, chili, or some herbs out of the garden
  6. Simmer until tender
  7. Allow to cool and then blend
  8. Serve with whatever I have - sometimes oven-roasted nuts or seeds, sometimes dukkah, sometimes fresh herbs, always toast

If you're a recipe kinda person, I get this type of cooking can be a bit loose - but  when you lean into it, it's an amazing way to use what you have and avoid food going to waste. It's also one of those magic meals that I love to whip up when my family tells me there's nothing in the fridge for dinner.


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