The temptation is real

Do I have enough?

It's about this time of the festive season that I feel the urge.
The urge to just shoot out and get a few more things.
A couple of extra stocking fillers for the kids, a few extra supplies for Christmas lunch, a spare box of Christmas crackers.
It's so easy to feel like you don't have enough, especially when everyone around you and all of the marketing seems to be telling you to madly stock up and shop until midnight.

December hack
One of my best hacks for a simpler December is to avoid the temptation.

In the build up to Christmas, I don't go near a shopping mall, I delete or unsubscribe from marketing emails, I don't really get into conversations about how many gifts other people have bought for their kids, I even go the scenic route home to avoid the supermarket.
I remove myself from the hype and it's amazing how calming it is.
This year we even went away last weekend for a family mini break - just to get away from it all.
I'd way rather hang with my family than spend my time fighting for a car park at the mall to buy a few more things that will probably end up going off in the fridge or broken in the bottom of the toy box anyway.

I get it, the temptation is real - but don't worry, you have enough.


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