Christmas simplified

Both our consumption and our stress levels hit their peak at Christmas.
I find that both ironic and mildly depressing.
To fit with our philosophy of living with less, we’ve evolved our approach to Christmas over the past few years.
I’m not going to say we’ve nailed it – Christmas involves families, gifting and traditions… need I say more?
But here are a few ideas that have significantly reduced our impact and stress levels.

  • Less is more: We’ve simplified who gets gifts, the quantity and also the value
  • Experiences over things: Swimming lessons, movie tickets, toy library memberships, coffee dates – they’re the gift that keeps on giving
  • Keep a list: I always have a list running on my phone of things my kids need so I have ideas at the ready when I’m asked
  • Change where you shop: Hit the vintage or op shops, the neighbourhood trash and treasure or carboot sale, your local craft market, or online secondhand platforms
  • Pass it on: If there are older kids in the family, ask them to choose something that they’ve outgrown to pass on
  • DIY: Making your own (simple) gifts is a winner. I can churn enough Limoncello and home made vanilla extract out of my kitchen to cover all of my gifting bases in less than an hour. It’s sooooo much more enjoyable than a trip to the shopping mall


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