Down to business

None of your business…
I was speaking with a business recently about how to get their staff using reusable coffee cups.
The company “green team” had purchased every employee their own cup, and yet alas very few were being used.
We’re only human…
A brilliant initiative, but it needed a bit more attention to the fact that humans are freaken complex!
Whilst a lot of the staff may have great intentions of using their shiny new cup, they often don’t.
The key is to understand what the barriers are and figure out a way to get around them.

Build a bridge…
If the barrier is forgetting to take them – put a stash beside the front door or with the local cafe.
If people can’t be bothered washing them – include them in the office cleaning routine.
If feeling awkward is an issue – work with the local cafe to publicise their support of reusable cups.

Whatever the barrier – there will be a way around, over or through it.
Most people inherently want to do the right thing – just make it easy for them!

Simple changes – big impact


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