The new normal

Did you feel that???
There’s been a shift.
People are becoming more aware of the waste we’re creating and the need to do something about it.
Everyone is already all over plastic bags, and straws seem to be the next big thing to avoid.
Even the Queen has banned straws from all of her castles!!! High five Liz.

One small change…
I’m pretty pumped about the shift that’s occuring.
If people start by making one small change, they are way more likely to roll on and make other changes.
Making one small change at a time is what’s got us to being a family of four putting out the equivalent of one wheelie bin of rubbish every year.
It’s not about getting overwhelmed or feeling bad about what you can’t do, but nailing the things that you can.

You’ll be bloody amazed at what you can achieve.

Simple changes – big impact


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