Addicted to the green

I once managed to kill a plastic succulent.
For real.
I had a new years resolution to get more plants.
Why wouldn’t I, when I’m clearly so good with them?!?

I’m constantly amazed by plants (I don’t get out much these days).
Their ability to clean the air is what got me signed up to the fan club.
Lessening my family’s chemical load is a big deal for me.
I can reduce a it a lot through the products we use, but there’s other nasties we can’t avoid.

NASA did a study on how good plants are, and it turns out they can filter up to 90% of the toxins out of our air. I’ve taken their word for it – those NASA guys know science and stuff.

They also recommend the top ten house plants for air quality – get on the google machine if you want to find out which ones you might be in to.

Upping the cool
Adding some plant action to our house has also upped the cool factor.
In my rush of aspiring minimalism, our house had become pretty sparse.
Adding an array of my new green friends has made things a bit more homely (in a good way – not a middle aged Mum way).
They’re the decor accessory that never goes out of style.

Turns out they’re a pretty cool gift idea too! I’m sure my friends are comparing notes on their NASA approved Peace lilies.

Simple changes – big impact


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