What really happens in my kitchen

Time trials…
I ran my own kitchen time trial.
It’s pretty weird, but I wanted to prove something.
And I did.

Mmmmmm pastry…
I was making a pie and I was all out of pastry.
My first reaction was to shoot to the supermarket and buy some.
I could make some, but that would take ages (and I don’t like baking).
It would be way quicker to shoot to the supermarket.
Or would it?
By the time I get out of my trackies, load my kids into the car, drive, park, walk, negotiate with kids, find pastry, check out, find car, drive home, remove children from car, get back into trackies…
You get the idea.
So I did what anyone else would do.
I did both.

Let the games begin.
Supermarket mission results:
Time taken: 24 mins

Make my own pastry results:
Time taken: 16 mins

We have a very unexpected winner!
The supermarket is only a 4 min drive from my place, and they have handy pastry in pre rolled sheets, it seems so convenient!
Making my own had never entered my head (I hate baking remember).
I saved a heap of time, saved money and created no extra packaging waste.
I also knew and understood all of the ingredients in my pastry.
There were also bonus points for creating a fun thing to do with the kids.

The verdict.
I reckon we’ve got a bit confused by convenience these days.
We can buy pretty much anything we want at any time of the day.
My theory is, that instead of this making our lives more convenient, it sometimes means we just spend more time shopping.

How weird is that?!?

Simple changes – big impact


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