Have a less crap Christmas

It’s beginning to feel a lot like…
Christmas – it creates a weird combination of joy and dread in me.
It’s a magic time of the year to spend with cool people and do fun stuff.
But what really dulls my baubles is the commercialism and waste that can come along for the ride.

Consciously simple
Each year I try and simplify Christmas a bit without being a dick about it (I don’t always get it totally right).
I don’t want to cancel Santa – no-one wants to be that guy.
But I’m all about being conscious about what we buy and how we give.

There’s a few things we’ve done which have had a massive impact:

  • We have set limits in our extended family about who we all buy for
  • I keep a list on my phone of things my kids need so that I have ideas at the ready
  • We focus on experiences over things – tickets, memberships, activities
  • Create traditions – my four year old is already pumped about watching her Christmas movie

The time is now…
It’s only October – but now is the time to start seeding ideas with friends and family.
I know it can feel awkward starting the conversation, but I don’t know anyone who isn’t down with simplifying their Christmas shopping.
Go on.
Do it.

Simple changes – big impact


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