My Kmart confession

Weekend adventures...
I went to Kmart last weekend.
That may not sound like a big deal, but it was for me (and my 4 year old).
As an aspiring minimalist, it’s not really a smart place to hang out.
However, I’m exploding the plant population in my house (I’ll write about that another time), and they needed some pot action – what could possibly go wrong?!?

I want one of those…
I’m on the minimalist buzz, because I believe the world has enough stuff.
But when I arrived at Kmart, ohhhhhhh how I wanted the stuff.
There was so much pretty stuff, and the stuff was so cheap.
My 4 year old looked like she had uncovered some massive secret that I had been hiding from her – she now wanted more stuff too.
The temptation was immense.It was my daughter’s incessant nagging for stuff that broke the trance.
We left and went to the park.
It was awesome.

I don’t live in a yurt that is only decorated with home spun alpaca wool wall hangings and driftwood dream catchers.
I appreciate nice things, and I have some.
I have enough.

I’ve found that accumulating more and more stuff doesn’t bring me incremental happiness, in fact it kinda weighs down on me and makes me feel a bit stink about the waste that it creates.
I am now a lot more intentional about the things that I acquire.After last weekend I discoverd that the force is strong, and for me the easiest thing is to avoid temptation.

Simple – I’ve got heaps of other stuff to do anyways.

Simple changes – big impact


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