Gotta fly…
My daughter had a dress up day at preschool.
She wanted to be a ‘sun fairy’.
Personally I’ve never seen one, but she had a very clear vision of what was involved.

Rule #1 – it had wings (fair enough).
Challenge #1 – we don’t have wings, and I have 24 hours to get some, of which 23.5 are already accounted for.

Consider your options
Every inch of my being wanted to pop into the $2 shop that I pass everyday on the way to work.
So. Freaken. Easy.
I contemplated making some, and had a brief but overwhelming browse on Pinterest.
So. Freaken. Hard.
Share the love
And then I thought…
I have friends.
They have kids.
They probably have wings.
I got on the Facebook, and had two pairs of wings delivered to my front door before I got home the next day.
I have great friends.

Nothing new here…
I borrowed something from a friend.
What I did was not significant, earth shattering, or new.
But it amazed me that my default was to rush out and buy something.
Something that was cheap, over packaged, would last the day and then go in to the rubbish.
Something that I would pay a few dollars for, yet has somehow been made, packaged, shipped half way round the world, sent to a store, and sold to me. How the hell is that possible for that amount of money?

Buying something seemed like the easiest solution.
It wasn’t.

One small change – it feels awesome.

Simple changes – big impact


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