What to do with July

It’s the most wonderful time of the year
I’m not a fan of winter, it just doesn’t suit me.
However, turns out July has some pretty cool stuff going down.
I know a few people who get on-board with ‘Dry July’ and feel all the more awesome for doing it.
But I’m all about ‘Plastic Free July’ or PFJ for those in the know (which is you now BTW).

All aboard the PFJ train
PFJ is a campaign to drive awareness of how sh!tty single use  plastics are. It encourages people to reduce their use of single use plastics for the month of July (and hopefully ongoing – 21 days to a new habit and all).
It focuses on the big four – disposable drink bottles, coffee cups, plastic bags and straws.
I think it’s a cool idea.

I know what you’re up to…
I reckon most of you have heard of PFJ, but you just don’t get around to giving it a crack.
Don’t see it as a big deal, see it as an excuse to make one small change.
Plant the idea in that enormous filing cabinet of a brain, and pull it out sometime, I dare you (physical challenge?).

  1. Shove a few more groceries in your bags at the supermarket and use one less plastic bag
  2. Take a good old fashioned mug from the office to get your takeaway coffee (I swear it tastes better)
  3. Ask for no straw in your smoothie

For the hardcore
I know some of you are already smashing those sorts of things out of the park, in which case I challenge you to give someone else a nudge.

  1. Bring another reusable cup along for a friend
  2. Donate some reusable bags to your office
  3. Shout someone a cocktail with no straw

One small change – it feels awesome.

Simple changes – big impact


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