See inside my drawers

Inside my drawers...
My bathroom drawer has not been spared in my quest to live with less.
What was once a cluttered wasteland of weird smelling fake tan tubes, 8-step facial routines and an exfoliant for every different limb and appendage – has been ruthlessly simplified.

Because you need it…
My motivation to simplify my personal care products started with wanting to reduce the amount of chemicals that I was putting on myself.
However it then became a realisation that half the sh!t I was buying was because I believed I needed it.
Turns out I didn’t.

Less is more
I now use almond oil as an all over moisturiser for me as well as the rest of the family. It also works as an eye make up remover.
Baking soda and vinegar replace my shampoo and conditioner and also double as cleaning products. Baking soda is also an excellent exfoliant.
I use a tinted moisturiser and just buy a brand that I can understand the ingredients. Although I’m wondering if I can conjure up something with cocoa powder and coconut oil which I already have in the pantry…
I use a crystal rock deodorant for my pits.
I haven’t completely let myself go… I also have some make-up in my handbag – cocoa powder for bronzer and a mascara.

Bonus time
Simplifying my beauty routine has meant I buy less, create less waste and have less clutter.


Simple changes – big impact


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