Just like MacGyver

Inspector Gadget...
In my quest to live with less, my kitchen was not spared.
Turns out over time I had acquired a vast number of items that simply didn’t get used.
Think double ups and gadgety task specific thingos – you know the ones that end up just hanging out with all of their other random mates in the clutter chaos that is the second drawer down.

Don’t be a waster
I have a philosophy of setting things free (my brother didn’t agree with my thinking when I let all of the birds out of his aviary… but I digress).
Having things sit in a cupboard never being used seems a waste to me.
I’d rather they were out in the world with someone who will use them.
If they can have mine, it will also stop them having to buy new and saves bringing more stuff into the world.

Kitchen detox
I spent 30 mins going through my kitchen pulling out anything that I didn’t use on a regular basis.
I looked at what was left and focused on multipurpose things (I’m just like MacGyver).
I don’t need a parmesan grater – I have a big grater that has all of those fandangled different sides on it.
I don’t need chicken scissors (WTF?), I have a knife!
I don’t need 14 different pots, I only use my 3 favourites (who doesn’t have favourite pots?!?).
I kept the box of excess stuff for a month – just to be sure. Turns out I didn’t miss anything, so off it went to the charity store.

Keep it together
I still get tempted by new cups and shiny new bench-top appliances – I’m only human.
My trick is to not buy things on first sight, but rather sleep on it and see if I still want them in the morning – I never do.
If I do need something, I try and source it second hand or buy quality that will last – like Carl my cast iron fry pan, that guy deserves a place on our family tree!

Simple changes – big impact


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