One box to rule them all

Kids breed stuff...
They may be proportionately small, but kids have a tendency to attract a whole lotta stuff into your house. Being I’m an aspiring minimalist, I’ve had to come up with a few strategies to help me and the
little humans develop some ground rules.

Two kids, one box
We have a small toy box for toys. No more, no less.
If it doesn’t fit in the toy box, something has to go.
The secret to my success… the toy library! It seems so simple, but it is freaken revolutionary.
We go every fortnight and the kids get a new lot of toys.
Just as they start getting sick of them – WHAM, we hit them with a new lot.
The library toys get so much love from so many kids; it’s such a cool way to cut down on the amount of stuff in the world.

Stick a bow on it
For kids gifts, we focus on experiences – movies, shows, adventures, lessons…
I also keep a list of things they need on my phone, so when other people ask what to buy them I’ve got a list of ideas that will be appreciated and put to good use. I’m a nerd like that.

Corduroys and cardies
I’m pretty sure when I was growing up I had three pairs of cords, two jerseys and two t-shirts.
I definitely only had one pair of shoes.
My kids have a bit more than that, but not much. Turns out they don’t really need that much.
Along with creating less stuff, I’ve also found another awesome benefit to keeping their wardrobes lean… the washing pile never gets that big!

Simple changes – big impact


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