Shopping like a boss

I started the year with a mission… to only go food shopping every two months. Talk about living life on the edge!
I wanted to prove that I could cut down my waste, eat better, spend less AND save time.
How hard could it be?!?

The results are in…
It’s four months in, and I owe you a report.
Savings so far:
Time: 24 hours
Money: $1,280
Waste: 128 plastic bags + 160 food packets + 96 meat trays

I sound like an infomercial – but it is for real. I’m totally blown awayas to how easy it has been to make such dramatic changes.
I’ve saved 24 hours of shopping time, WTF!?!

What did I do?
Read the rest of the blog posts for the full low down.
But the big breakthroughs were:

  1. We get a weekly local organic produce delivery
  2. I joined a bulk buying co-op and order every three months for shelf staples
  3. We buy in bulk direct from the supplier for things like berries and meat, and I take my own containers
  4. I made friends with my freezer (even though she’s a cold, hard b!tch)

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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