More is less

Once I heard that the average house has over 30,000 items in it.

I think it was at that point that something switched in me. I started to feel that maybe; the world has enough stuff.

Less is more
I’m now a bit hooked on this whole minimalism buzz.
I’m not a purest. I tried to be, but I got all anal about things and my husband told me I was being a dick, so I backed off.
However, the reality is that we now live with a whole lot less than we used to, and that’s despite adding two kids to the mix.
And it feels good. Not in a weird way, but in a simpler, lighter kinda way.

Captain Planet’s views…
So how does moving onto the minimalism spectrum help save the planet?
Sure, in the process of purging things I tried my darndest to sell them (I made over $4k on Trade Me), re-home them or donate them to charity in the hope of extending their useful lives.

But the real gold came when I realised that life wasn’t about always needing more.
I’m now way more conscious about what and how I buy.
I repair things, rent things and buy second hand.
If I do buy new, I buy to last.

The planet is totally down with us creating less stuff.


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