Love thy freezer

I’ve always been quietly impressed by freezers.
They’re so unassuming, but they essentially suspend food in time – how awesome is that?!?

My freezer has become a bit of a secret weapon in my quest to only go shopping once every two months.
It means I can max out the efficiency of buying and making in bulk.
There’s not many things you can’t freeze.

Plastic party
Plastic is an obvious storage solution for freezers, but it turns out that extremes of temperature are a real turn on for plastic.
Heat and freezing create a bit of a plastic party and can increase the leaching of chemicals.
Easy solution – freeze in glass.

Raise a glass
I use glass jars for freezing. I always have a stash and if I ever need bulk I can stock up at a charity store.
The trick is to never fill them past the neck.
I also leave the lids loose until the contents have frozen (and expanded).

Oh and label them, I nearly put chicken stock on my porridge the other day!

That’s it. Easy as.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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