Knock knock

I have a romantic notion of wearing a flowing dress and a floppy hat and filling a basket with a daily abundance of fresh produce from my garden.

The reality is that I’ve nailed growing a few things and am continually trying to learn more, but I can’t deliver on the variety and volumes that I want for our family. I tried substituting my kids daily fruit with green beans or a courgette, but it didn’t go down so well.

Given my mission to only go food shopping once every two months, I had to call in the in the experts…

Ding dong
Every Wednesday morning there is a box of goodness like this on our front doorstep.
There’s lots of awesome services out there, but we signed up to Ooooby.

I love their philosophy of being local, seasonal and predominantly organic/spray free. They also deliver eggs and a few other staples that add to the convenience.

It’s waste free as they collect our boxes and egg cartons each week.

It does work out at around 10% more than what we were previously spending at our local produce store, but we are now getting mostly organic and the time we’re saving is AWESOME.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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