Cracker habit

I eat a lot of crackers.

I hadn’t realised the extent of my habit until I was dropping off my soft plastics recycling and saw all of the empty packets that I was responsible for.

In my mission to reduce my supermarket shopping to bi-monthly, I had a plan to simply stock up on crackers. But given the volumes and the packaging I was getting through, I started to wonder if there was a better way…

DIY styles
I’m not a baker.
Sometimes I get the urge, but about 20 mins after I start, both my language  and mood deteriorate and I remember that it’s not my thing.

However, if I can find something with a few ingredients that I can knock out in less than 20 mins, I’m into it.
So I set about finding a cracker recipe that would fit my criteria, and I nailed it, real quick. Who knew it was so easy?

I made a triple batch, which will last us for a month, as they freeze really well.

No packaging waste, no nasty ingredients and I’m saving $5 a week! Yes it takes a bit longer, but it’s a cool activity to do with my kids or the recipe is so simple that I’ve managed to do it at the same time as
prepping dinner so I can take advantage of the hot oven (look at me multi-tasking)!

If you’re keen to get down with the recipe I use, here it is: http://bit.ly/thecrackerrecipe

I use spelt, but I’m sure various other flours would work too.
I then add half a cup of cheese and maybe some sesame seeds, smoked paprika… whatever you’ve got on hand. I’ve also added some quick oats in place of some of the flour if you want more fibre.

Trick is to roll them super thin. Leaving the dough to stand for 5-10 mins stops it doing that annoying spring back thing.

Get amongst it.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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