Go large

We went berry picking on the weekend.

I had visions of picking enough to fill the freezer for the next few months to avoid buying them at the supermarket. I even had our own containers to avoid any waste.

I took two small children and a husband; it was never going to happen.

After approximately four and a half minutes of picking I was on my own, and the only one not eating ice cream.
And then what happened??? Luckily they also sold frozen berries.

I’m not going to lie, buying 15kgs seemed excessive at the time, but it will last us 3 months and I’m saving over $5 a week – no sh!t. The savings on berries alone will more than cover the power bill for my upsized freezer.
Oh and at the end I will be left with two reusable plastic bags instead of 30 separate empty packets #winning.

So easy, but so freaken effective!

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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