Pour yourself a long, cool one

It’s summer time, and it turns out my supermarket trolley was regularly stocked with soda water.

I drink it, the kids drink it, and it makes me look fancy when visitors come over and I can offer ‘sparkling water’.

Of course I diligently recycle the bottles, but I prefer to avoid packaging where I can and I’m on a mission to significantly reduce my supermarket shopping remember?

The 80s had it
SodaStreams were an 80s icon, but give the brand credit, they have made a resurgence.
Turns out lots of people got them for Christmas presents and wanted to  sell them on Trade Me. So I got myself a bargain, and I love it.

A constant supply of bubbles, no waste, once less thing to buy at the supermarket, and how I love the satisfying sound that it makes!

We’ve got a mean lemon tree so I squeeze and freeze for a year round supply to add to my bubbles.

I even BYO my pre-bubbled SodaStream bottles to parties – I’m a nerd like that.

Simple change – big impact (less shopping)


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